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(updated 01/28/2014)

Welcome to my web site! Until my retirement, in March of 2003, I was an Associate Professor in the Departments of Pharmacology and Biostatistics at Georgetown University, in Washington, DC. (I'm still on the adjunct faculty there, in the School of Nursing and Health Studies.)  My wife, Betty and I now live in Kissimmee, Florida. Altogether we have four children, ten grandchildren, and six great-grandchildren!

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AirNinja.com shows budget airlines that are not found on most booking engines (about 100 exist).
Check several booking engines with only a few clicks. Provides a more complete picture of available flight options.
AirNinja.com does not sell tickets; it provides information on where to find the best flight.

AllPages.com -- a very comprehensive and very well-organized Yellow Pages / business directory.

Check the speed of your Internet connection

Free faxing of text-only messages to most places in the US, and many places overseas

Find the best airfares with SideStep, which searches all of the usual travel websites, plus the airlines websites, including special "Internet-only deals".

Create an atlas-style map of anywhere on earth, using National Geographic's computerized map-maker.

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Get the real price of a new car (dealer invoice price) at the Kelly Blue Book website.

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